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Didn’t do so well on my new journey this weekend…  Friday night we went to Ladyface for drinks (starting at 4:30 PM), and ended up having a beer and 3 (or 4?) glasses of red wine.  We ended up eating there, where I made a decent decision to have a really yummy (but tiny) salad.  So, I snacked on some fries.  Never a good idea…

Saturday I had a photography course in Venice at the Julia Dean Photography Workshops.  Stopped at Mickey D’s for breakfast, then had a grilled veggie sandwich (more greasy than it sounds) at lunch.  Grabbed some lemon & raspberry sorbet on the boardwalk before heading home.

Two friends came over for dinner — they brought some marinated chicken breast, and we grilled that up, along with some cheddarwurst sausages.  Can you say heart attack?  So flipping good, especially after the appetizer of chips & guacamole and a hefeweizen.  But, you could see & taste the grease in those sausages (I had one for breakfast the next day… grumble).  Had corn on the cob with real butter too.  Oooooh — writing this is making me so upset with myself!  Watched “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage.  Horrible — do not rent!

Yesterday was the Amgen Tour of California, huge bike race with all the professional cyclists.  Stage 8 was right in the area in which we live, and I’ve just started cycling…  I was with the company’s Cycling Club at the top of the big Mulholland Drive climb (Rockstore) for food, drinks, and watching the cyclists speed past.  Lunch was tri-tip, chicken breast, cheesy mashed potatoes, a salad, and the MOST AMAZING garlic bread-sticks I’ve ever had.  The worst part is that they were about the length of my finger, which led me to believe that I was just allowed to keep eating them (if they had been “normal sized” I would have only had like 1 or 2.  I probably ate like 12.  Aaaargh!

Attempted to start over this morning, and I’ve realized that peanut butter is NOT my friend.  Actually, we have a love-hate relationship.  I love it, it loves me, but then I hate the calories & fat included!  But, it was ingested immediately after swimming for an hour, so I figure that I am OK.  Based on what I’ve eaten for the day, and what I plan to have for dinner, I’m only 67 calories over my target (and that’s not counting any exercise that I’ve done today).  Woot!  Still, I need to tame this PB obsession!


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