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And the Butterfly Emerges from her Cocoon…

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221 pounds

I have this great cycling jersey that I found on sale a few years ago, before I even cycled.  I bought it because I thought it was beautiful — a super colorful butterfly in a watercolor effect.  That, and I can’t pass up a deal (did you read my blog about shoes???).

I was cycling on Saturday, wearing my butterfly jersey, and thought of this saying my friends and I used to use — don’t ask why, or what it’s from.  We were in high school… and weird.  “And the Butterfly Emerges from her Cocoon…”  (Say it in your head [or aloud] with a British accent.)

I was thinking of how I could emerge from my own cocoon.  How could I lose this weight that’s plagued me for most of my life?  I’ve tried getting mad at it, getting upset with it, being OK with it, and just reasoning with it.  None of that worked.  What if I tried another tactic?  What if I made a deal with it?  (Hope this is not like a deal with the devil…)

So I decided:
For every pound I lose leading up to the date that the triathlon fundraising money is due, I will donate $10 to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.  

Matt then decided that that wasn’t a good enough deal — I could save myself $$$ if I didn’t lose weight.  So, he decided that he’ll put the $$$ in (actually it’s our money anyway, but still…)  Starting today, ending on 27 August 2010.  All of that money will also be “matched” through the Amgen Foundation!

I’ve recorded today’s starting weight, and will document as frequently as I blog the progress towards the weight loss.  

If you’re interested in following along and donating in this manner as well — keep me even more on target — add a comment, to document your pledge per pound lost!  If you’d just like to make a donation straight out, please visit my Fundraising Page!

I would appreciate any and all encouragement along the way – whether or not you’re able/choose to donate!

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