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ALERT! Scale is on the move!

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219 pounds
Triathlon Challenge (6/1 – 8/27):  -2 pounds = $20 for Children’s Hospital of LA

I am down 2 pounds today from yesterday.  I know.  I KNOW!  I’m not supposed to weigh in every day.  But I do, so get over it.  I just cannot take not knowing.  I must know.  Simple as that.  I realize that I should not get excited about this.  I will not be losing 2 pounds a day for the next 30 days (but wouldn’t that be friggin’ sweet?).    But, the scale is at least moving in the correct direction!  I’ve been bouncing around 217, to 219 to 220, to 218, to 220 to 221 for the past few weeks, trying to do everything right (but not really doing it!).  Monday’s decision, and yesterday’s proclamation have made it such that I am not allowed to fail.  Goal weight by August 27 is 196.  Which would be awesome — that would raise $250 for Children’s Hospital!  (I’d REALLY like to do 30 pounds lost — so $300 — but that might be a stretch…)

I’ve put together this great workout calendar that details all the workouts I’ll do each week for the next 6 months (until I’m at goal weight), and the target weights that I’ll be each Friday — assuming a 2 pound loss per week (which for me is high).  I’ve already met this week’s goal (only 1 pound, since I started on Tuesday for this Tri Challenge) — assuming that the scale isn’t just playing with me, and I really did lose weight and it doesn’t pop up over the next 2 days or so…

I’ve also been giving myself this secret target of 215 until I’m allowed to get a pedicure.  And I need one.  Badly.  Not sure why I make it a treat — I do not like getting them.  My feet are so sensitive, and calloused, and gross that pedicures are not fun.  They’re not relaxing.  It’s like Chinese water torture (or, ahem, Vietnamese Foot Torture, to be exact).  Maybe when I hit 215 I’ll go to a REAL nail salon, like OPI’s Robb Salon in Studio City, and have a full-on treatment…  Hmmmm….  If only I could make 215 by Sunday!  😛


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