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215.4 pounds
Triathlon Challenge:  -5.6 pounds = $60 for Children’s Hospital of LA + $60 Corporate Match) = $120

So, I’ve been a BAD blogger.  Sorry ’bout that.  Updates:

My friends Scotty & Christina (married couple) are in on the Triathlon Challenge and have pledged $2 per pound I lose.  Which means each pound is worth $12!  Already over 5 pounds since June 1.  I’m kind of a rock star.  I know…  

Went to see my psychologist yesterday — she mentioned that she saw something in me, motivated, bright, energetic.  I told her all about the Triathlon Challenge, thinking that she’d see it as a bad thing (eg, I should be motivated to do this for myself, yadda, yadda, yadda).  Instead, she told me that it was awesome, and whatever I needed to get into it, then that’s what it’ll take.  Also mentioned my hubby’s brother’s wedding at the beginning of August.  I would LOVE to get a new dress in a 14.  Love it.  So, that’s another goal.  Not planning on shopping until the end of June, so I’ll keep y’all posted on that.

Getting dressed this morning, I was running a bit late for work.  Most of my jeans were down in the garage, dry, but still on the drying rack. I couldn’t be arsed to go down there, so I grabbed a pair I bought a few years ago.  Call them skinny jeans.  They’re still a size 14, but a small 14.  I LOVED them.  But, alas, there was no way my body was going anywhere near them… until this morning!  Pulled them on, just to see, and they closed!  I do have a muffin top, and I have to admit they’re not the most comfy, since they’re cutting my gut in 1/2, but I’m wearing them (with a cardigan on top, so as to avoid showing off the muffin top).  Anyway, NSV.  Woot for me!


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  1. Great job! It's a lot of hard work training for a triathlon! I once did the distance of a triathlon over 3 days. I never appreciated what went into one until I did that. Keep going!


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