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I’m an Athlete! Woot!

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Yesterday at swim practice, we were doing 300 m swims.  That’s 6 lengths of the pool.  The first set, was straight through — the first 100 at a mild pace, next 100 at a medium pace, final 100 at a fast pace.  Finished the first one, then they had us do “broken 300s”.  Which means 3 x 100 m with 10 seconds in between.  So we should have been faster for those swims because we got a break.  Finished my final 100 set, and I had beat most lanes back.  My coach said that I was doing great, and thought that I should be a swimmer.  (It’s a Triathlon Masters group, so most people there focus on 1 sport other than swimming, and swimming is just an extra.)  Told her that I thought I was — since I just started cycling and really don’t like running.  SO, maybe I’ll start competing.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?!?

Still haven’t finalized the plans to South Africa yet — really getting on my nerves that we haven’t done this yet.  We did have it all figured out, but then had a TC with a safari planning guy from SA on Sunday, and he kind of blew our plans to bits.  Not in a bad way, of course, but he knows a lot more about where to go, when, and gave us some great advice.  Looks like we’ll:

  • Fly into Jo’burg on 26 Feb 2011 – spend 1 night there, after doing a 1/2 day tour around the city.  Purpose of this is really to get out all the jet lag, before we go on safari.  We’ve heard that Jo’burg is really grotty and dangerous, and we really don’t want to go on a tour of the slums.  (that’s one of the big things to do there.)  I realize that we’re going to what really is a 3rd world country in many areas — I don’t need to take a tour bus to those areas and walk around — it just seems like I’m viewing zoo animals.  They’re humans.  And they’re Poor.  Do something about it, but going to their neighborhood and wandering around just seems wrong.
  • 27 Feb – 2 March (3 nights):  On safari in Sabi-Sands area outside Kruger national park
  • 2 March:  Fly from the national park area to Cape town
  • 2 & 3 March:  Cape Town.  Robben Island (where Nelson Mandella was held as a politcal prisoner), Table Mountain, beach areas.  Wine tasting.  
  • 4 – 6 March:  Strandkombuis for the wedding on 5 March.  Hotel is actually already booked for this.  Basically, we’ve finalized 1 thing, that was really already laid out for us…  đź™‚
  • 6 – 9 March:  More Cape Town
  • 9 – 10 March:  Fly to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  Walk with lions, Elephant safari, 15 minute helicopter ride over the falls, Bungee jump
  • 11 – 15 March:  Safari in Botswana/Namibia area.  Kalahari desert & evirons.  More on this later, as we haven’t done any research and our safari guy is working to put something together for us…

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