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Today is 1 month into ,my Triathlon Weight Loss Challenge.  The plan was to lose 10 pounds per month leading up.  I’ve lost 2.6 this month.  At one point it was up to 5.6 pounds lost, but those have come back.  I’m not as focused as I was the first week or so, but still.  I work out like a crazy person.  I eat within the calorie budget (I’ve actually lowered my budget to 1500 instead of 1650).  I eat throughout the day (not huge meals).  But maybe I’m not being vigilant enough.  Apparently not.

I signed up for a nutrition thing at work today — called SMART Weigh.  Meet with nutritionist in group & personal setting.  I just can’t think of anything else to do for this.

I cycled yesterday.  It was a complete disaster (check out my other blog, LaraCanTri for more info on that — I feel too sorry for myself to re-post the same thing).

Swam today, and it felt really good.  I was trying to decide whether I really wanted to go, but basically guilted myself into going because my weight isn’t moving…

I did have my measurements done today — down 1 inch in the waist & 1/2 inch in the hips in the past 7 weeks.  Not awesome, but not a gain.  It actually feels like more, given how my clothes are fitting.  I realize that I am working out a lot, and I am likely building muscle (will see when my body fat percentage comes in, although I know that with the calipers, each of the measurements did go down.)


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  1. Hey — saw your blog address at CK and thought I'd check it out. I am also doing the 50 x 11 challenge.


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