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SMART Weigh – Day 1

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I signed up for a nutrition program at work – SMART Weigh.  I’ve seen nutritionists before – one at work and one at my doctor’s office, and their programs always been really hard to follow.  I’m not looking for the easy way out, but I am looking for some good, logical information, and I needed some questions answered.  Like:  what should I be eating for breakfast?  If I don’t have any complex carbs before I start my day, will it really be THAT bad?

So, today was both the first “class” of 16 people from my work, as well as my initial assessments.  These other 15 people are now all armed with Calorie King accounts.  So they can see my stats (and I can see theirs, I guess).  But I’m more worried about them seeing mine.  Unless they go down (which they will!), and when that happens, I’ll friggin’ shout from the rooftops what I weigh…  But, I digress.

Met with the nutritionist for an hour this morning.  Didn’t eat breakfast, because we were testing my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

The RMR is the number of calories a body burns naturally each day to maintain vital body functions (heart rate, breathing, brain function).  RMR is equal to the calories a person burns if she is awake but at rest all day.  On average, RMR accounts for about 75% of daily caloric expenditure.  Therefore, it is a critical component to accurately establishing daily calorie needs whether your goal is weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

I’ve never had my RMR taken before (I don’t think).  You wear a nose clip and breathe into a machine for about 5 minutes, just sitting normally.  It then beeps, and all the action starts.

My RMR was 1620.  I’m looking to lose about 1.5 pounds per week (I’d prefer more, but this seems more reasonable).  According to some fancy calculations, I’m supposed fall between 1136 and 1825 calories per day (although 1136 is too low for anyone, and you shouldn’t go below 1200).  I typically exercise about 8 hours per week — so I should shoot to burn 689 calories per day in exercise.

So, with this new information, I’m lowering my calorie targets in Calorie King to 1200 calories, and will allow myself to go over (within the green checkmark) if necessary.  On days that I have a really hard workout schedule, I’ll add in exercise calories as necessary (otherwise Overriding exercise calories to 0), but be sure that my total calories eaten is not over 1825 on any day.

Current stats:

  • Height:  5’10”
  • Weight:  216.2
  • Build:  Medium (I can reach around my left wrist & touch my pointer finger to my thumb)
  • BMI:  31.1 – Obese.  Blech. (Normal – 18.5 – 24.9)
  • Body Fat:  37.9% (Standards = 20 – 35%)
  • Waist:  39.25″ (over a thin-ish ruffled top)
  • Hips:  45.75″ (over a jean skirt)
  • Waist to Hip ratio:  0.85 (Should be 0.80 to avoid cardiovascular issues later on)

Program Goals:

  1. Decrease body fat to less than 35%
  2. Decrease BMI to less than 30.0
  3. I will track my food in Calorie King 6 of 7 days per week
  4. I will exercise at least 8 hours per week
  5. I will stay within my calorie range at least 6 of 7 days per week

By signing up, I received a year of Calorie King membership, a Calorie King take-along book, and a pedometer.  Calling up my mom today to see if she wants to join with me — I can then send her all the weekly information shared, and she & I can kind of do this together.  I hope that she sees this as a good thing, and not me saying that she needs to lose weight.  Wish me luck!


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