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Book Club, Aquathon & Spandex, Oh my…

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Weight:  213.4
Triathlon Challenge:  $84 for Children’s Hospital of LA

Last night was Book Club.  We read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I absolutely loved the book.  I had a very strong reaction to it when I read it back in February — I had kind of a crazy night out at the bars for a friend’s birthday, and I turned a bit crazy after someone said something awful (I was visiting her in Mobile, Alabama).  Anyway, loved the book.

The issue with book club was that the hostess has a chocolate fountain.  It smelled A.Maze.Ing.  But, I refused to partake in it — had only strawberries, 2 wheat thins, and about 2 full bottles of Pellegrino (no wine!).  Woot!  I’m kind of awesome!

Book club is with a group of women who also do triathlons — most of them, anyway.  We were chatting, and I asked about the Aquathon that I’ve signed up for today.  I never really knew how long the swim or run were — Half a mile swim, then 5K run.  I had no IDEA it was so long!  I then asked about the plans for transition.  They told me that the transition from swimming to running needs to be quick, so you set all your stuff up ahead of time.  You wear a sports bra & spandex shorts under your wetsuit, then take off the wetsuit, put on shoes & socks & go running.  I just about DIED.  Really?  Sports bra & spandex shorts?  That’s my GOAL, dream outfit.  I cannot even think of being seen in that at this point in my life.

So, pulled everything together this morning.  Wearing a bathing suit, then a sports bra & spandex.  I’ll add a shirt on top, and run…  I’m not really sure why, but I am SUPER nervous about this.

Doing my best to eat really well today.  Had oatmeal & berries for breakfast, plus a 12 oz coffee and 1/4 cup of skim milk.  Already got my morning snack — banana with peanut butter.  Will do as well for lunch (not sure what that will be, but I’ll eat lunch in my nutrition class, so I definitely can’t be having a burger, LOL!).  Need to get a water bottle to be sure that I’m fully hydrated…  Also want to stop to pick up some open water goggles — but I’m not sure if that’s possible today…


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