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This Weekend…

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Was a bit of a food & drink disaster.

Friday night was “Ladies Nite In” at a friend’s place.  There were 9 of us, with copious amounts of wine, food, and laughter.  A woman from BeautiControl came in, and we all gave ourselves facials.  I’m not very good at taking care of my skin.  I see a dermatologist every 6 months, and get a facial there every month.  And I have GOOD skin.  However, I do not wash my face before I go to bed.  I know… I know.  Gross, right?  And it is.  But, I just can’t bring myself to add that extra 3 minutes into my bedtime routine.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, I’m the only chica who was able to admit that… and got a lot of crud for it.  I’m sure the sales girl thought that she’d caught a “live one”, but it’s not like I don’t OWN all the things to take care of my skin — I just don’t do it.  So I couldn’t buy all of her products because I already have full bottles at home, LOL!  

Dinner was Buca di Beppo – white penne with marinara sauce and Chicken Saltimbocca.  SUPER high in calories and fat.  Which for some reason I didn’t think about (I actually thought it would be OK for me…  LOL!)  Also had salad, steamed green beans (a la moi!), and a stuffed tomato with some sort of lentil.  And, no dessert (who doesn’t bring dessert to Girls’ Night In?!?).  So, I desserted on more wine…  😦  And then, I got home and there were 2 cupcakes on the counter.  My hubby had gone to a 3-year old’s birthday party on a Friday night (weird for him – but it was the kid of a co-worker), and brought 2 home…  I ate “his”.  Woops!

Saturday we woke up fairly early, had a good breakfast, and our friend picked us up to head to Santa Barbara so that we could go wine tasting!  I won a wine tasting day at a Silent Auction a few months ago, and now was actually the time to use it!  There were 6 of us, a limo and our driver.  We visited about 8 wineries throughout the day, drank WAY too much, snacked on potato chips and had an amazing time!  I was a bit drunkers – as evidenced by the photo on the way home that I had to delete…  Passed out, leaning into Matt.  But, here’s a better picture of us from earlier in the day:

Me & Matt at Mandolina Wines Tasting Room in Solvang.

Although I’m already kind of leaning into him (this was at the end of the day — maybe winery 7…).  And what’d the deal with my feet?  Why so spread apart?!?  Following the drive back to Santa Barbara in the limo (where we finished off another bottle of wine), we headed to dinner at India House.  Yummy!  Had a great time there, then off home.  

Sunday morning was not so bright and chirpy for me.  I haven’t been that hungover in a long time — and definitely not since I recommitted to Calorie King.  It didn’t help that I hadn’t worked out since Thursday!  But, we are movers & shakers and had places to be!  Drove up to Carpinteria, where the Santa Barbara Polo Grounds are, and went to a University of Virginia Alumni function on the Polo Grounds.  A BBQ with tri-tip and grilled chicken.  My hungover body craved the potato chips, sourdough bread, and potato salad though (cringe…).  Not to mention a full-on Coca-cola!  Yikes.  

Me with a Polo Horse at Halftime.

After the BBQ, we walked over to the actual Polo field.  It is so strange to see how the other half lives — ’cause that is not my life!  These people have more money than they know what to do with it!  Very interesting to watch though — the best player in the world was on one of the teams, and he scored like 12 points — and was the MVP (of course).  

Matt & I at Halftime enjoying our sparkling Apple Juice.

After polo, we drove back up to Santa Barbara to go to the Vietnamese place that we frequent.  Vietnamese food is always so fresh and clean (although I have NO idea how it’s made, so don’t quote me on that).  Everything that we get always tastes so great — although, I can’t get that place in San Fran out of my head…  Best. Food. Ever!

Last night (Monday) I had class, and had to give a presentation with my partner.  All went well, but I spent my lunch hour, which was reserved for the gym, re-doing our presentation (finding clip-art & such).  Anyway, it all went really well, except I didn’t work out yesterday either!  Booo.

Scheduled the gym into my calendar at 4 PM today — then picking up Matt & heading down to Woodland Hills to pick up my new bike this evening.  WOOT!


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