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Weight:  210.2
Triathlon Challenge:  $120 for Children’s Hospital of LA

I went on a shopping bender this weekend.  Bought way too much stuff — and I don’t really need any of it.  Why, you might ask?  I’m preparing for my husband’s brother’s wedding.  Weddings are a big deal to me — probably because mine was such a big deal to me, I think everyone else’s should be too.  It’s only fair to them, right?  Actually, I’ve always had an issue with needing to be dressed nicely & put together.  Not that I always am, but for anything important, finding the PERFECT dress has always been a big deal.  Second grade choir concert?  Yep.  Eighth grade graduation dance?  Plenty of big flowers.  Prom?  Amazing white clearance deal.  They say that clothes make the (wo)man.  I realize that that isn’t really true, and I’m not that shallow, I promise.  But I want to look GOOD, darn-it.  And that means something new & shiny.

I don’t have a thing to wear to this wedding.  Actually, that’s not true, but nothing that I WANT to wear.  So I’ve been shopping.  Bought 3 dresses from Macy’s and 2 from Nordstrom’s.  Of the 3 from Macy’s, 1 was completely wrong (truly — I ordered the wrong dress!), 1 was nasty fabric and too small, and 1 could work, but it isn’t the best fabric in the world).  Of the 2 from Nordstrom’s, 1 has arrived and is a contender.  But it’s really frilly at the top, and I’ve got kind of a big chest, so it’s weird.  The dress is also really tight.  Not sure if I can sit down-tight.  The other dress *should* arrive today.  Cross your fingers.  It’s an aqua satin-stretch material.  I hope it fits & is pretty!

So, I had to buy jewelery, a wrap, and shoes for these potential dresses.  Knowing that I’ll return most (some?) of it.  I bought 5 pair of shoes this weekend.  2 pair of sunglasses.  3 earrings, 3 necklaces.  A bunch of stuff from the running store, and literally hundreds of dollars worth of stuff at Target and Costco.  Shopping has always made me feel better.  But I didn’t think that I was feeling badly — I really need to get in touch with that…

I HAVE been eating really well (decently, anyway, even when going out to eat).  Having a piece of salmon and a sweet potato for lunch (did I mention the corn muffin that was calling out to me from the “not-so-healthy” side of the cafeteria?  It’s in my box too…)  Dinner out tonight with friends for someone’s going away party — kind of want to skip it, because I have NO idea what Persian food is healthy…


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