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Here they are, with much fanfare….  The potential dresses.  My pics don’t really do the dresses themselves justice, but please take a look, keeping in mind that I need to look as thin as possible…

Dress A (aka – Dress 4 from CK post).  Found these fancy silver shoes & some great jewelery in the same shade of green to dress up the dress (it’s a light cotton knit).  

Dress B:  This is the blue dress I received today by UPS (paid $20 for overnight shipping).  Same fancy silver shoes, but a fantastic necklace & earrings.  Necklace is twisted pearls & CZ on a silver strand.  Earrings are silver hoops with smallish pearls in kind of a silver tone.

Dress C:  This is a faux wrap dress in black from White House Black Market.  I bought it last year for a friend’s wedding, but by the time of the wedding I’d gained too much weight and it didn’t look good.  Same jewelery as the one before (though I would probably just wear normal pearls).  Shoes are slide ons and have a big satin bow on them.  The dress has a ruffle detail around the neck, and where the “wrap” part is.  (Hard to see that in the pic.)

Dress D:  This is Dress 1 from the CK post.  No necklace, because of the crazy neckline on this one, probably some drop pearl earrings.  Shoes are either the slip ons from above, or another pair that I got this weekend – black wedges from Ann Taylor.  The wedges are a higher heel (give better leg), but are still comfy (wore the black ones to work yesterday, navy ones to work today).

Dress E:  It’s a jade green silk with a black netting overlay.  I wore this to a friend’s wedding last November.  

Dress F:  Shown with gold wedge heels.  Would find some gold jewelery to go with it (couldn’t be arsed this afternoon to dig & find some).  Wore this to an August rehearsal dinner last year.

TresLaLa’s Discussion:
Dress A:  After seeing the picture, I think this makes me look bigger than I am.  I’m not a fan anymore.  But, the jewelery was buy 1 get 1 free, so I’ll probably keep it.

Dress B:  It’s too big.  In the top & in the hips, so it is probably adding about 15 pounds to me.  Sucky, because I love this color, and when I pull in on the seams to imagine it smaller, it’s super cute.  I don’t have the time/money/energy to have it altered before Saturday (wedding day) — especially since we fly out tomorrow night.  😦

Dress C:  Kind of boring.  It fits, and it’s fine.  I just don’t think I want to wear all black to this.  Hmmmm.

Dress D:  I really wanted to love this one.  It brings me in in the waist, which I love.  It’s also really nice fabric (stretchy on the bottom, but not gross, lovely chiffon on the top).  However, I think it’s a bit too small, which doesn’t do me any favors.  I think in about 7 to 10 pounds, it would be perfect.  However, I don’t have that kind of time.  

Dress E:  I was thinking that this would be too dark for a summer, afternoon wedding.  Because of the shiny stuff underneath, it’s not always the most flattering (especially because it has those horizontal lines in it).  It’s also a bit baggy in the bottom, which makes it look a bit off in the photo.

Dress F:  I would really love this, except it’s kind of my go-to dress, and I don’t feel it’s dressy enough.  I get a lot of compliments on it, but I think it’s appropriate for the rehearsal dinner, not the wedding.  My hubby (who I want to kind of match) is the only groomsman, and he and the groom (his brother) are both wearing matching charcoal suits.  Not sure if my brown tapestry might clash?

OK – now – what do YOU think???


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  1. So…how small really is Dress D because WOWZA…you look hot in it!!!!

  2. Thanks! It's pretty small. The zipper of separates in the back, and since it's so small, the dress is really HOT! It zips up, which is good, but I don't think sitting is an option. 😦 As much as it pains me, since it does make me look friggin' HOT, I don't think that I can wear it.

  3. dress d is totally working for you, friend! love it!

  4. Dress C. Simple, elegant. You look great in it.


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