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Wedding Dress Update

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I wore Dress E to the wedding this weekend… and it was perfect!  I don’t have a good full-length photo — maybe the actual photographer will when they send them out…  That’s the problem with being the “family photographer” — no pics of you!  I didn’t ask anyone to take pictures of us when we did the family formals — which would have been the best to showcase the dress…  Anyway, I had a great teal shawl to go with it, and the black patent leather wedge flats were *comfy*!  

Here’s a pic of us at the Rehearsal Dinner – I decided to wear this one & hadn’t posted it earlier…  Sorry!  

It’s a blue & white patterned wrap dress.  Wore it with cute white sandals.  Got some great complements on it — someone even thought it was a Diane Von Furstenburg… 

Me with Uncle Tom, who played the bagpipes before & after the ceremony.

Apparently I had a really good time singing along with the music…

This I cannot explain…

Overall, the wedding was a complete success.  Everyone had a great time – even if my hubby did over-imbibe a bit on Saturday evening.  He was the best man, after all.  I that that means that you’re required to have a bit too much, right?

Came home with a bit of a cold, and up 3 pounds (but down 2.2 pounds now, so most of that was water weight).  Ate reasonably well, even if we did have amazing breakfasts 3 of the 4 days that likely kicked me over on calories, all before 10 AM.  I did the elliptical in the hotel gym on Friday morning, then went for a 3.2 mile run on Saturday in through the University of New Hampshire campus.  Lovely!  


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