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Newport Beach – Girls’ Weekend

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was awesome!  

Had an ab fab weekend with my girlfriends! We headed down to Newport Beach for a girls’ getaway…  My friend’s parents have a condo there.  

View from the condo — 6th floor.  Paradise!

And a little electric boat that we puttered around the harbor in. It was paradise! 

Sharing some drinks on the Duffy!

Stopped for dinner in Santa Monica on the way down — ordered grilled fish tacos, came with rice & black beans (ate the beans only). 

The hostess with the mostess, me & my fave beer.

When the girls ordered dessert, I declined the extra fork! Woot!

Saturday for brekkies I had Fage & Kashi Go Lean Crunch for breakfast (which I brought with – yay me). Went wedding dress shopping in Laguna Beach for one of the girls — amazing! Then lunch at an amazing restaurant — Nick’s. I had a Bloody Mary, a veggie burger (SUPER good — house made), and fries with ranch dressing. Not to mention a few forkfulls of my friend’s mac & cheese (my kryptonite). 

I was SO thirsty!
And the glasses were so small!

Went out on the boat for a few hours & polished off a few bottles of wine.  Decided to pick out our dream homes & boats.

Amazing house with 3 sides on the harbor, a lawn, and a dock.
The Bellissima was bellissima!

Back to the condo to get ready for dinner & the night out. We were pretty friggin’ foxy!

We are 5 hot chicas!

Did a bunch of appetizers for dinner, plus many more yummy drinks throughout the night. 

Our matching raspberry drinks.  YUM!

The best part was the end when 1 girl got a hot dog, another a corn dog, and another a big bucket of cheese fries. It’s 2:15 AM, and we’re tipsy. And I didn’t have ANY of them! Many a-picture of the girls eating those fries, but I just couldn’t do it… 

Velveeta Cheesy fries…

Of course, I made up for it with eggs benedict yesterday morning…  Headed to the beach,

 then back out on the boat, before heading home around 6:30.  An amazing weekend!

Super cute.  Wish Mason & Dixie would agree to this!


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