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Binge day…

Today was not so great.

Started out well — 3 hardboiled egg whites, about 2 cups of fruit (watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries), and a coffee.  Got hungry early for lunch, and headed out to find some.  Checked out the cafeteria, but they had nothing that I was interested in.  So, I decided that since I needed to run out and get drinks for a co-worker’s party this afternoon.  Headed to “Fit 2B Thai”, a “healthy” Thai food place, which is across the street from Whole Foods.  I got the Panang curry with purple rice, and coconut soup.  Yum, but SPICY!  Then, at the co-worker’s party (which I was throwing, because he reports to me), I had 1/2 a slice of cake, and about 12 oz of Italian soda.  (High calories).  On my way to class tonight, stopped at McDonald’s for a cheeseburger and a McChicken…  Ridiculous.  Except then I had a slice of NY pizza (cheese only).  Yikes.

What’s wrong with me?  This gluttonous craziness needs to stop!  Haven’t worked out since Saturday, either (and that was followed by brunch, so it hardly counts).  Heading to the gym tomorrow evening after my psych appointment — since I’ll get out of that appointment too late to go cycling…

Working with the personal trainers at the gym, starting this week.  Provided my starting weigh in today, then did the fat pinchers this afternoon.  Percentage went up since June, even though I’ve lost 11 pounds.  đŸ˜¦  I wasn’t keeping up with the weight lifting when I was doing all the cardio for the triathlon.  That was a huge mistake.  But, it’s SO hard to keep up with all the various exercising that I needed to do.  I would also just rather swim & cycle than be stuck in the gym!

Tomorrow is a new day!


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