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Strange month…

September has been really weird. First came Labor Day, which I used as an excuse to eat more than I should have. Then came the visit from the in-laws, which I used as an excuse to eat more than I should have. Then came the triathlon, which I used as an excuse to eat more than I should have. Then came my horrible cold, which I used as an excuse to eat more than I should have. Do we see a pattern here? And through all of this, I hardly worked out… Hmmm, falling back into old habits. NOT good.

But, this week has been so much better! I worked out with my trainer for the first time in months on Wednesday, and was sore through Saturday! When I did my 1.5 mile assessment run on Wednesday, I didn’t turn on the TV on the treadmill, just ran looking at the reflection in the mirror — of my clavicles & chest. And, by golly, they looked great! Cycled twice in the week — once on Thursday (18 miles by myself) and once on Saturday (18 miles with my hubby and a friend). Went swimming for the first time since the triathlon yesterday. I’d already lost some of my endurance – the practice was TOUGH! It definitely didn’t help that I can’t seem to get rid of the lingering effects of the cold… Tough to breathe in the water when you have a big ball of phlegm in your throat!

I had about 6 inches cut from my hair on Saturday. So it now sits around my shoulders. I’m extremely surprised at how few people have noticed! My hubby did, of course (he knew I was getting it done though). It kind of makes me nervous. It’s not like you can’t notice someone going from long to short hair — so if they don’t say anything, does that mean that it’s bad? I don’t think so, but still! :) Pic here is of me this morning (self-portrait in my office…)

Last Tuesday evening I watched Food, Inc. and it has completely changed the way that I eat. My protein sources (ie, meat & eggs, mostly) have completely changed, so that I’m only eating meat that I can say I know how it was raised. Therefore, I’m not eating out nearly as much, because I know that most restaurants do not have free range chicken, grass fed beef, or fresh caught (not farmed) fish. I’m also more attune to the use of HFCS in foods — and am again working on cutting out as much processed food as possible. I did notice that there is no HFCS in my pre-workout Cliff bars, and that they source non-genetically modified foods (ie, their soy is not from Monsanto), and they source 70% of ingredients organically.

My therapist called today to cancel our appointment. Her nephew was in an accident yesterday, cracked his skull, and is now in the ICU. I cannot even imagine what the family is going through — I didn’t ask how old he was, or his name, but please pray for this little boy.

On another sad note, one of the mangers who reports to me’s father in law passed away this morning. This guy’s kids are only 1 and 3 — so they won’t likely remember their grandfather, which gets me all teary-eyed, thinking of my grandparents. The 3 I met, and the 1 I didn’t. I don’t hardly remember the one grandfather I did meet, and it always makes me sad thinking about what kind of relationship we might have had if we could have.
Today didn’t go quite as planned. Skipped the gym at lunch, because my afternoon opened up, and I could work out from 4 to 6. Then my meeting with my boss went from 3 to 5 (instead of 3 til 4). Can’t exactly walk out and say, “Ooops, I know that this is important, but I need to hop on the elliptical and do a weight workout…” Had a massage scheduled for this evening — 6 PM til 7. I usually find a way to get take out afterwards, but I decided that I already had stuff at home. Had a fab dinner of Trader Joe’s Indian Fare (vegetarian) stuff. Then read 4 magazines while watching last week’s Biggest Loser, Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order SVU, and finally House. Doing the dishes now (just started the dishwasher, anyway…) and heading to bed. Nighty-night!


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