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Planning mode!

On August 19, my 32nd birthday, I made a list of 10 Goals to Meet before I hit 33…
1) Reach goal weight
2) Pay off car
3) Go to Africa
4) Finish a Triathlon (CHECK!)
5) Get pregnant
6) Enjoy my last Christmas in my childhood home (parents are planning on moving — while it’s not a “goal” per se, it does make me see big picture)
7) Graduate with my MBA
8) Go skydiving
9) Take horseback riding lessons
10) Go stand-up paddle boarding

It’s been over a month, and I’ve done one. Which means that I’m right on track! I’m working on number 3 at the moment — Go to Africa. Planning a trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana for February / March of next year. Initially, I was hoping to do all the planning on my own. Then I tried to find a good tour operator, but he fell dismally short of my expectations (and atrociously high on the budget!). Yesterday I found another tour operator who I have high hopes for. Her first email response to me was so detailed and thoughtful I almost jumped for joy in my office. I am very detail oriented, and I expect the same of people that I’m entrusting my trip of a lifetime to. She’s given us some great advice, confirmed a few things that I wanted confirmation on, and generally been really helpful. AND, she has provisional bookings at the safari camp that I thought was sold out — which means that we’ll get to go to the place that I’d picked all along, instead of having to settle on something not as good but more expensive. Woot!

Which gets me thinking about Number 1 – Reach Goal Weight. Because I REALLY want to be at goal weight for this trip. I’ve officially documented today’s weight as 208 — up from 206.4 that’d been sporting for a while, but was still a bit off from when I went on my comfort food / I’m sick phase a couple weeks ago. But, that means that I still have 43 pounds to go. By the end of February (sooner, if I want to get some new clothes for that trip!). But, that’s 5 months away. I can lose 8 or 9 pounds a month — I just need to focus on that.

So, there’s my new goal: 9 pounds a month. Which will put me at:
September 30: 208
October 31: 199 (ONEDERLAND!!! It’s so close I can TASTE it!)
November 30: 190
December 31: 181
January 31: 172
February 25 – Departure date!: 165

It’s totally reasonable – and I can do this! How, you might ask…
* Swimming: 2 or 3 times per week
* Cycling: 2 times per week (18 miles+ each time)
* Weight lifting: 2 or 3 times per week
* Running: 2 times per week for at least 30 minutes
* Log 7 of 7 days per week
* Green check 6 of 7 days per week
* Continue with Clean Eating plan – decrease processed foods
* Bring breakfast & lunch at least 3 of 5 times per week
* Cut alcohol calories by drinking water between each & switching to Pellegrino ASAP


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