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I’m not going to the gym

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And you can’t make me. I HATE Tuesdays. I hate Mondays, too, but I really hate Tuesdays. Why? Because I have class on Mondays, which make it a bear to get up on Tuesday morning. I am just SO exhausted. I can’t even imagine going to the gym right now. I’m going to head home, hopefully take a short nap. Grumble – I’m already at 1100 calories for the day, haven’t eaten dinner, and won’t get any workout in. Crud.

Listened to NPR last night on my way home from class — can’t remember which show. They were interviewing a cookbook author who was touting that we need to change the way that Americans eat — more veg & whole grains, less meat. I completely agree! One thing that he said really struck me: (And I’m paraphrasing b/c I can’t find the friggin’ article.):
You don’t NEED to eat when you’re hungry. Be hungry. You don’t always get to take a nap when you’re tired, do you? You don’t always get to have sex when you’re frisky. You don’t always get to eat when you’re hungry. Get over it.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I have had any kind of meat that I don’t know how it was raised. That’s so cool to me! And, I don’t really even notice or miss it (mostly because I can’t imagine all the poisons I was putting into my body. They wash all that stuff with ammonia. That’s like cat pi$$!).

An associate who is on my team came in for a skip-level meeting. I was eating my afternoon snack (Babybel & Ak-mak Sesame crackers) and she proudly announced that she was on the Special K challenge. I kind of wanted to smack her. But, she’s vegetarian, and already eats really well (lost 30+ pounds on WW before she came to work here), so I just gently reminded her about all the HFCS, and we started chatting. I’m not trying to be all high and mighty — she is, after all a vegetarian, which makes her better than me, in my opinion, but I just worry that it’s not sustainable. I passed a bit of judgement. Boo on me.

I’ve realized that I’ve been eating way too much pizza. You wonder how that’s possible, but every time I go to Whole Foods, I get pizza. And every time I go to class, I have pizza for dinner. Not acceptable. I need to start bringing my food for class on Mondays. Only 10 weeks left until Graduation! Woot!

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