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Debacle of a Weekend

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So, this weekend was quite a food debacle. One after another. That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, though. I really, REALLY, need to get on track! It’s only 12 days until Halloween — and I’ve got a nurse’s costume in the closet that is calling my name! This weekend was the long simulation at school — which led to overeating, over drinking (to de-stress after each day), and a lack of exercise. Further, on Sunday morning I had to be at UCLA for a sorority advisor’s meeting… which led to eating pastries from Le Pain Quotidien…

I’ve also been shopping WAY too much. 8 pair of shoes in the past week. Almost a whole new wardrobe. I’m “in the money” after the hubby has paid me back some money that I needed to put into our joint account a few months ago. So, I’m treating myself. Too well. This shenanigans has GOT to stop (after I head to The Container Store for another one of these: I have been looking for a good way to store my jewelery for quite some time. Found these this weekend, and am in LOVE! I got this one, and the 80-pocket one (both in Canvas), filled them up, and realized that I have more necklaces than this holds… (And it’s 2 sided, so that’s a lot of necklaces). But I LOVE how I can see them all at the same time! So simple, but I’ve been untangling necklaces for YEARS! Anyway, once that’s done, no more!

Plan for this week:
* Curb this shopping habit
* Bring breakfasts & lunches. So, I need to package up the salmon my hubby was supposed to make today and hardboil my eggs in the morning (I’m in class right now…)
* Therapist tomorrow…
* Gym every day for the rest of the week: Tuesday – Cardio (PM); Wednesday: Swimming (Noon) & Trainer (PM); Thursday: Trainer (AM) & Running club (PM); Friday: Swimming (Noon); Saturday: Swimming (AM) & Cycling (if it’s not raining – AM); Sunday: Swimming & Running (AM)

Need to also:
* Read “Freedom” for sorority alumnae book club meeting on Sunday
* Read & research case for Strategic Management class on Dell – for presentation next Monday night (team meeting on Sunday afternoon)
* Book trip to Vegas for hubby’s birthday & Halloween

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