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Tonight’s dinner was ridiculous…

Background: I was invited to a going away dinner for an acquaintance from work who is leaving on maternity leave. I ran into this woman and her good friend (who I used to be good friends with) on Tuesday. I hadn’t seen my friend in months – and had assumed that she had left the company. Turns out she just moved offices across campus. When I heard of the death of the woman who worked on my floor at the office, I really has affected me in a profound way. I want to be sure that I’m not disconnecting myself from anyone. So, when I was invited to this dinner almost immediately after running into them, I decided to go – despite the fact that we were going to Buca di Beppo. It was supposed to be about the company and the camaraderie, and the Ladies’ Night Out with a whole ‘nother group of ladies. :queen:

So, imagine the ridiculousness when I looked up what I ate this evening AFTER I got home. Bad idea — I know. :$ But, since I’m not eating meat when I go out to eat, I figured that I couldn’t also be that crazy vegetarian lady who needs no cheese and all sauces on the side. And, since I burnt 650 calories at the gym, I figured it couldn’t be all that bad. But, it was. All. That. Bad. I’m over by about 800 calories, and that’s just an estimate, and doesn’t include the bread on the table. :help: At least I had iced tea — no wine.:drunk:

After dinner I was able to pick up a few things that make me happy though:
* 2 Sigg bottles. 1 is a liter, the other is the smaller size (I assume pint sized). Both found for $9.99 each at Home Goods. YAY for deals! :rock1:
* New gym bag! It’s an Ogio – and is black & white plaid with green piping, from Sports Chalet. I’ve needed one for a while — my current one stinks (and makes my clothes stink!) and has a bunch of tears in the handles, the sides, and the inner lining. It was time… :thumbu2:

Got a jury summons for the week after Thanksgiving today. Blech. :barf3:

Also got an invitation to join Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honor society. Of all my contacts on LinkedIn, only 6 are in the group. 5 of them are friends from my own school, another is a guy that I work with. I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not — I’ve sent the contact an email to find out if I’ll get honor cords at graduation. I would do it, if that was part of it. There’s also an induction ceremony on the morning of graduation — to which I am allowed to invite 2 people. But, my hubby would come and both my parents. So I also asked if I could bring all 3… We’ll see… It’s $100 to join – which is why I’m so questioning about it… It seems that “real” honor societies wouldn’t require me to pay a fee. Kind of reminds me of the Who’s Who of High Schools, etc… But, the invite was a letter from the Dean — which makes me think it’s legit… Aaarugh.


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