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vegas, Vegas, VEGAS!

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Heading out tomorrow morning for LAS VEGAS! That’s right: VEGAS, BABY! It’s my hubby’s birthday on Wednesday, he’ll be the big 3-0, and we’re ringing it in in style! Booked a room at Mandalay Bay today (hopefully we’ll get upgraded when we arrive – he planned a bachelor party there once, and got crazy points for it!). The plan:

* Leave home around 10:30 AM or so (after taking the dogs to the puppy park & taking a run)
* Arrive around 2:30 PM (pending a lack of traffic, fingers, toes & eyes crossed)
* See if we can get discount tickets for The Lion King for Friday night
* If possible, head to Red Rocks for a hike, or hit the gym for about an hour
* Wander & drinks, commence
* HOPEFULLY The Lion King at 7:30
* Dinner & drinks

* Awaken
* Hit the gym or head to Red Rocks for a hike (depending on hubby & his hangover level)
* Brunch
* Pool
* Wander & drinks continue
* Birthday Dinner: Mesa Grill – 8:45 PM
* Drinks & dancing continue

* Awaken
* Hit the gym
* Brunch
* Pool
* Drive home :( This is always the WORST part!

Hubby says that he’s not brining a costume — which means I probably won’t either. :( That’s OK – tried on the nurse’s outfit this morning. It was not going to happen anyway. Why would I think that a white, super tight dress would ever be a good idea…


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