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OK – maybe not that far. But, I made a frickin’ good dinner tonight! Had planned to make chicken breast Greek style with orzo pasta (from a Cooking Light recipe book). But, I decided I wanted something akin to pho (Vietnamese noodle soup with meat). SO, I did the following:

  • Marinate 1# chicken breast cut into cubes in Soy Vay (Very Very Teriyaki) sauce for 15 minutes
  • Chop up 2 green bell pepper (thick cut) and 1/2 onion (smaller cut)
  • In Dutch oven, Heat 4 cups of organic chicken broth with about 1/2 t fresh ground pepper and 1/4 t chili powder
  • In saute pan, saute chicken in a spray of Olive Oil, covered

*** While chicken was cooking, I showered, since I did the above after coming home from swim practice *** Recommended: Enlist someone to turn the chicken once in a while ***

  • In another saute pan, saute onions & peppers with 3 T fresh basil and 2 cloves garlic (I used the frozen squares from Trader Joe’s — they’re awesome!)
  • After about 3-4 minutes, transfer onions & pepper to a separate bowl (one you’d use to eat soup will work — I reused mine!)
  • Add 1 t Sesame oil and 2 t Olive oil, with 3/4 cup of the chicken stock into the pan the veggies were in. Dump in 3 individual bags of fresh Yaki-soba noodles (they’re like ramen)
  • Saute the noodles until they’ve separated from one another (be sure to use a non-stick pan — in trying to cut the oil, mine stuck)
  • In the mean time, transfer the vegetables and the chicken into the chicken broth.
  • Once done, transfer the noodles to the broth mixture.
  • Serve with siracha sauce. 

It’s high in sodium, but works out to a full, very filling meal, for 465 calories (4 servings). Sub low-sodium for organic chicken broth, if necessary, but the sodium really comes from the noodles. I imagine that I’ll try making this with other types of noodles lower in sodium… Any veg that you have on hand would also likely work with this, too!


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