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I am so irritated. Really irritated. I cannot stand not seeing the scale move — or worse, seeing it go in the wrong direction.

Last week I was on target. Green checks almost every day (only a little bit over on the day that I missed), and I still didn’t see the weight going down the way that I should be. It’s simple math and I just keep getting it wrong. Errr, my body does, anyway.

I even made this little calendar with plans for what exercise I’d do each day, and another with the meal plan for the week. It’s all clean. It’s all on plan. I *Hardly* strayed. But instead of losing the planned 2 pounds a week, I’m UP 1.6 pounds. It just KILLS me. I am so freaking frustrated.

I know — I went wine tasting on Saturday & ate pizza that night. It was an anomalie, that I hoped would go away yesterday, when I had an amazing breakfast, worked out, lifted, drank my water, made good choices. What the heck. I can’t even have 1 semi-over day? Blech.


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