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I need another day off!

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This weekend was great! Friday night, went out for Happy Hour, after swimming at lunch, then working from home in the afternoon. Lots of work stuff happened on Friday afternoon, which is weird, but good (I miss doing actual work — my job is so boring right now!) So, happy hour, then went to some friends’ place to watch a movie. He gets all these movies for review by Reviewers, etc., so we watched 127 Hours. Hubby got pretty drunk — luckily I was driving. He and I had a chat the next morning when he got up & I was still cranky about it. I just don’t understand why he’s always the “winner” — the guy who ALWAYS gets the drunkest. It’s weird, and embarrassing.

Saturday I had a massage, then a pedicure. Got home, and we decided to jog to work (5 miles away) so that we could pick up his truck, then we’d run errands. A total mistake! It was over 80 degrees, and we didn’t bring any water, and I STANK afterwards. I’m talking funky, funky, stank. But, we still needed to get a few things. So we went to Home Depot, Leslie’s Pools, PetSmart, etc. Came home & watched the Packer game — YAY, go PACK! I made a great Sesame Noodle recipe from one of my Cooking Light cookbooks. Yum.

Sunday we went cycling with some friends. About 20 miles – and it was another hot one. We didn’t actually get out on the bikes until about 9:45 or so. An hour and a half of riding later, I was pooped — and STARVING. Headed to a new brunch place where I got an avocado omelet with a bunch of other veggies and egg whites. And hashbrowns. Woops. They were super good though.

After brunch we went to Costco, where I bought a new elliptical! :) Woot!

Sunday night we had some friends over & I made dinner (whole wheat lasagne with turkey breast instead of beef; garlic bread; salad; berries, meringue cookies and whipped cream). Not to mention wine. :drunk:  Unfortunately, drinking now makes it almost impossible for me to sleep. So I was WIDE awake at 5 AM on Monday – which wouldn’t have been bad, except I didn’t have to work! :cry3:

We had a list of house things that we were supposed to have done all weekend — and hadn’t really gotten any of them done. So, Monday morning I ran out to do some errands — needed a mat to put the elliptical on, etc., and the hubby started on his list. His number one was that he was supposed to set up his meat smoker, since we were having people over for dinner again. Turns out that he didn’t even start looking at it until I returned, when he realized that he was supposed to let it run the first time he used it for 3 hours with nothing in it… We ended up eating dinner (with 3 guests) at 9 PM. Woops! As for the rest of the day, we got 18 of 27 items checked off the list… :rock1: AND, he and I, then he and our buddy set up the elliptical! Woot!

Anyway, it was a good weekend, but I would have really liked another day off before I had to come back to work. :yawn3: Oh well — another day, another dollar…


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