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This new elliptical is going to be the death of me. It’s SO MUCH harder than the ones at the gym. How can that be possible? I set it all up, found a 45 minute program I wanted to do, set up an episode of The Tudors on Netflix, and set out to work my butt off (literally). OMGoodness. The pre-set settings are TOUGH. Which is a really good thing, but it kind of makes me question my other exercise!

It did get SUPER hot in the office (which is weird b/c it’s the coolest room in the house – but I was literally dripping with sweat). Luckily I was at home, so no one but the dogs saw me working out in just a sports bra and leggings (sorry for that visual).

One day at a time kids!

New train of thought:
Last night had my first photography class at the Julia Dean Photography Workshops in Venice. I hadn’t read my camera’s instruction manual ahead of time, and felt kind of like an idiot. The teacher is definitely not the warm & fuzzy type. At all. But, he’s fair, and has a good eye. Gives good advice (reasonable about $$, etc.), so that’s really all that matters. My assignment for the week is to take my camera everywhere I go, snap 40 pictures (10 in each of 4 different settings) and edit down to 10 artful pieces. YAY for creativity!


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