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I can’t believe I’m watching The Bachelor!

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It’s so ridiculous! How do people get wrapped up in this?!? How can he possibly have a connection with all these women. And he’s such a dolt – who would want him? I do not understand… Although I would love to be in a Cirque du Soleil show…

I didn’t feel like working out at all tonight, but knew that I would once I got to the pool, all would be right in the world. Which it was, as always. Love it. And, I was schooling the guys in my lane, which was awesome. At one point the coach told my lane to go a bit slower than the other lanes because he didn’t think that we could handle it. Ummm, is that a challenge? I took that challenge… and won!

Great dinner tonight – posted on a thread because I loved it so much: 

  • Roasted butternut squash (in garlic-infused olive oil, rosemary, black pepper and sea salt)
  • Sauteed chicken breast strips (free range, organic) in garlic & rosemary
  • All of this over spinach, pine nuts, and goat cheese. 

SUPER yum.

Bought our travel insurance today — which is a good thing, since there’s some political unrest in Zimbabwe right now. We’re not going to the area where this is an issue, but I am very weary. Not weary enough to cancel though.

Hitting the hay now. Matt’s on 2nd shift this week, so I’m trying hard to stay away from the TV (not working) and read before bed… Nighty-night!


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