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Don’t you just wish you could snap your fingers and have everything fall right into place? I’d do a lot of that, I guess – which makes it not as great once you’re done. But still.

Would love to snap my way to a tight little bod. Snap my way into loving exercising. Snap my way into easily saying no to trigger foods. Snap my way into a breast lift. :$

But, alas, it doesn’t work that way. We have to work for the things that matter. The things that are worth it. And this WILL be worth it. But, I’m feeling really beat down. I’m feeling really irritated that I’m not much closer to my goal than I was in September (actually, I’m further from it). Irritated that I won’t be at goal weight when I wanted. Irritated with myself that at one point I had planned to be at goal by this month, before this trip. And I am SO far away from it. It is just so darn far away. And I’m frustrated.

I just can’t believe that I’m working out SO hard. I’m making decent (dare I say good?) choices. I’m eating fewer than 2000 calories (even on my red line days), usually netting 1300 and I’m stagnating so badly, even though my RMR shows is 2300 calories per day for maintenance. So why this? I should be down 1000 calories a day – that’s 2 pounds per week. So, what the HECK??? Where are they?

I’m concerned that I’m always thinking about food. I’m always thinking out how to burn my next set of calories. I’m always thinking about what that piece of food will do to me. I don’t want to stop eating mindfully, but c’mon! I’m not sure that this is healthy. Unfortunately, I missed 1/2 my therapy appt yesterday, and we had some other stuff to talk about… SO – didn’t get to cover this. Hopefully I can work my way through it on my own in the next 2 weeks.


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