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Here I am!

Ah… it’s been a strange week. But here I am again, fully present in this. Last week was a rough one — the week before, too. I’m not sure why, exactly, though. I just wasn’t “into it”. Ridiculous, I know. How can I now be “into” myself? How can I not want to fix what I know is broken? How can I not want to treat my body like the temple it is? Simple: I get annoyed that I can’t do what “everyone else is doing”. Unfortunately, my body is different from everyone else and cannot handle food, drink, and no exercise. It just can’t — and I need to accept that.

Let’s go over how I strayed, shall we?

  • 2/1: Photography class in the evening. For some reason, that allows me to stop at WF for dinner, which included: a sandwich, a few slices of pizza, and a cookie. :'(
  • 2/2: Out to lunch with the hubby = Thai food. I split my lunch into 2, so I could box 1 portion up. Ate both portions. :$
  • 2/3: “Dinner” included appetizers and wine at a vendor’s post-Christmas party 
  • 2/4 – 2/6: Bachelorette party weekend with a dear friend. I planned the weekend, but did not include anything remotely athletic. Good food choices, but we went wine tasting. End of story. :n:
  • 2/6: Superbowl party. (Go Pack!)
  • 2/7: Meetings ALL DAY, then down to UCLA for a Chapter Meeting at the sorority house (I’m an advisor). Don’t remember what I ate for dinner, but I’m sure it wasn’t a good choice.
  • 2/8: Photography class again. As if I didn’t recall how it happened the week before, I again stopped at WF, and got the same dinner. :bang:
  • 2/9 & 10: Luckily I was “decent” these days. My workout on the 10th burnt over 1000 calories. I’m STILL sore. Bodyweight squat! (shakes fist)
  • 2/11: Happy hour for the same dear friend’s birthday. Involved: “Drunken prawns”, “Kobe sliders”, and extra-dirty martini. Then went over to their place to watch a movie — more wine and microwave popcorn.:scream2:
  • 2/12: Threw another friend a going away party. In all the hustle & bustle of getting ready, we didn’t eat dinner. Therefore, dinner = brie en croute, wrapped mini hotdogs, and bundt cake. :nono2:
  • 2/13: Cookies & cupcakes at an Advisor’s meeting for the sorority for breakfast, brunch = pizza and salad, dinner = BBQ’d ribs smoked by the hubby. And grilled asparagus, a salad, and some sweet potato skillet stuff courtesy of some friends. With leftover bundt cake. :afraid2:

So, here I am. Up 4 pounds from where I was on 2/1. Ready to cry, but needing to start anew.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: Gym after my last meeting ends; weight training and at least 30 minutes cardio
  • Tuesday: Gym at lunch (11:30 – 1 PM)
  • Wednesday: Gym with the trainer at 5 PM
  • Thursday: Make-up session with the trainer at 7 AM, then again at 5 PM 
  • Friday: Swimming from 12 – 1 PM
  • Saturday: Gym with the trainer at 11 AM
  • Sunday: Cycling from 9 to 11 AM

Food plan has not been made yet — need to work on that today…


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