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… and the last thing I’m worried about is my weight. Which is a good thing. I tend to get all caught up in it, then I realize that I’m caught up in it, and wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Do I want to lose fat? YES! But do I want to obsess over it? NO!

Work is crazy. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

My vacation starts in T-3 days. Woot! And, on the same day I get my annual review, find out about my bonus and my raise. Double woot! That bonus is paying for this lovely trip of ours, so it better be good! I think I’m ready, except that I need to find another drug store… Target was completely out of Immodium. I really feel sorry for the person who needed it and they were out, LOL! I also have a few things that I bought for the trip, but need to return, and I need to run to the post office to return some stuff I bought online…

But, here’s the big news. I’m not pregnant. I know, I know… You ask, why would I think I would be? I’m an intelligent woman, about to travel 1/2 way around the world, on anti-malarial pills, with plans to drink gin & tonics in the bush of Africa. Why would I get pregnant? On freakin’ accident, that’s how!

*** TMI ALERT *** If you don’t want to handle this next bit — I recommend that you log off my blog *** TMI ALERT ***

I am on the Nuva ring. Yeppers, that little flexible ring that you put into your lady bits. It’s great. I never forget to take my pill, I’m not at the whim of a nurse and a shot, and it’s been great for me. Until this month. When I went to take it out, and it was GONE. G.O.N.E. Gone. So, like any normal woman, I made an appointment with my doctor, after hounding the nurse at a local OB’s office all afternoon. My appointment was last Wednesday. The PA searched for the darn ring (while also getting my pap out of the way), and could not find it. So, I took a urine test. Negative. Then I took a blood test — Negative result came back on Friday. But, there was still a chance. SO, took another urine test this morning. Negative. Phew.

I mean, it would have been great. I really want to start a family soon. Just not RIGHT NOW. Literally, in 2 months, we would have been ecstatic (actually, it wouldn’t have been an issue, because after the anti-malarials leave my system, we’re removing the goalie…) So in 2 months, this would have been amazing news. But right now, my CK family, it’s too soon. And I have other plans for this body of mine. There’s no shark diving while pregnant, or bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge at the apex of Zambia and Zimbabwe. There’s no sundowners in the bush. There’s no trying new food. This is my chance to do these things that women in that state just should not be doing…

And gosh darnit, I’m happy to announce that I’m not preggers! (PS: Still haven’t gotten my period though… stay tuned for another announcement!) :$

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