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Hi from South Africa!

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A cut & paste from my email to the fam:

We are in Cape Town now, after arriving on time on Saturday near Kruger National park. A tour guide picked us up at the Nelspruit airport, and we headed off. Drove the Panorama route, with stops at the Mac-Mac waterfall, ‘God’s Window’, the Potholes, and the 3 Rondavels, then headed to our first bed & breakfast.

The next morning, we were off to the Hoedspruit Endangered Animal Park, where we saw cheetah, wild dogs, zebra, lion, and vultures. These were either bred at the center, or received for rehabilitation, so it had pens and enclosures and stuff. On our way out, we saw a giraffe staring at us from the property over. We drove about 2 hours, arriving at our safari lodge, Elephant Plains, at 1:30, just in time for 2pm lunch. Our hut, Zebra, was amazing, with a great balcony overlooking open space. Our first game drive was at 4 pm, and continued until about 7:30, as they did each afternoon. Morning drives were from 5:30 until 9. Over the course of 6 game drives in the Sabi Sand Reserve, we saw elephant, white rhinos, zebra, giraffe, a lion with his kill, leopards (one in a tree and a mom & baby walking), two cheetah on an impala hunt, hippos in and out of the water, water buffalo, baboons, monkeys, worthogs, wildebeest, vultures, hyenas, waterbuck, massive golden orb spiders, and various birds. They even have squirrels! The only thing I think we missed were the wild dogs, which the group saw the morning that we arrived. Each of the animals was so beautiful. Matt and I just kept saying ‘awesome’, over & over again! We just could not believe our luck!

Arrived in Cape Town yesterday after a 30 minute charter flight ( just Matt & I and the pilot) back to Nelspruit and another commercial flight. Took a long walk along the waterfront, then met up with 5 friends from Cali who are also here for the Wedding. Had dinner with them, hung out in the b&b’s Luke-warm hot tub, then off to bed with us.

Heading out to wine country today with 8 others for a tour. Driving to the Cape of Good Hope tomorrow, then on to Yzerfontein for our friends’ wedding. Then it’s back to Cape Town to sightsee and go cage diving with sharks. Following that, we’ll spend 2 night at each of 2 safari lodges in Botswana, then 2 nights at the Victoria Falls Hotel, which our friends have been raving about!

Back at the B&B now, a bit too much to drink, but trying to catch up with the real world. Miss you all!


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