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Argh. Monday…

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Went to bed last night at 7:45 PM (was up at 6 AM, so I suppose it was warranted). Did NOTHING yesterday. Literally sat on the couch all day playing with the new Mac (woot!) and going through photos. Started with old pics, and moved on to Africa ones. We had over 5000 Africa pics — deleted about 1000 of them, so down to 4000. How am I supposed to edit that to the 300 that people actually want to see?!? Grumble. Plus, we have about an hour and 15 minutes of videos. Some better than others — how do we upload those somewhere so that people can actually see them?!? Excited about editing them on the Mac though… Just need to learn how!

This morning, I made about 4 trips back into the house because I forgot stuff. And still ended up forgetting my gym shoes. I’m supposed to be working out with my trainer NOW. Geez. Now I have to do a make-up session tomorrow morning, and cut it short so that I can get to my first meeting at 8 AM. Don’t these people know that I have a workout regimen to keep up with?

In all my shenanigans this morning I also managed to drop the following on the ground, which then “bounced” and landed on my leather pumps and dry-clean only pants: Chobani 0% blueberry yogurt, mixed with 1/3 c dry quick oats, 4 crushed walnut halves, and about 1/4 c dried cranberries. But, since I missed dinner last night (see my “falling asleep time” above), I was HUNGRY. I swore a bit, cleaned up the driveway of the mess, and went in and made another one! :)

BTW – I’m down 2.6 from Friday. :)

I have an appointment this afternoon with an Ob/Gyn to make sure that all is in tip-top shape for when hubby & I “take out the goalie” so to speak. I’m afraid that she’s going to tell me to lose weight. Which I need to do. But I’ve been trying for SO long, and I just can’t seem to do it. But, the last thing that I want is to go up to 250 pounds while pregnant. Would really love to get pregnant when I’m at 180 or so, and have my high weight be about 210 — where I’m at now. That means that I need to lose 30 pounds. Not an easy feat. Especially for someone who’s in the baby-making mode NOW!

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