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As I mentioned yesterday, I had an appt with an OB/GYN yesterday afternoon. It was at 4:30, and I planned to be at swim practice at 6 PM. Woops. I didn’t get in to see the doctor until 5:30 – and even then it was just a consultation. Apparently there were a few emergency procedures that day (not sure what that could mean, really), so they were running really late. That turned me off, but once I met her, I knew that she was great. Such kind eyes!

I had a whole list of questions, to which she listened, provided realistic responses, and even looked up the more esoteric things (what’s the half-life of Malarone, and will it affect my un-conceived child if I conceive in the next month?). I made her WORK!

The best part: she did not, in fact, tell me that I needed to lose weight. She did say that I should keep thinking: “How nutritional is this? If it doesn’t add nutrients, don’t eat it.” Which is a pretty good way to live life anyway. She said that if I were to get preggers this month that we would try to have me gain a minimal amount of weight through the pregnancy. Which I agree with.

After I left, at 6:05 (after the start of swim practice) I went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on groceries. Headed home, where hubby had spent the day bottling 2 batches of home brew, and brewing a 3rd. No, the pool was not clean. No, the kitchen was certainly not clean. And my house smells like Grape Nuts (to me — it’s really the boiled grains). But, he was happy & in his element.

We had soup for dinner, berries for dessert.

And then I dreamed that I was pregnant, and my best friend’s mom filled out my registry for me with all this stuff that I didn’t need. So weird. Obviously, baby on the brain… Ridiculous since I just “took out the goalie” yesterday.

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