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For the first time, in a long time, yesterday I felt completely whole. Not that there’s anything really missing on the other days, but I really felt like an adult. I know. Weird. I’m 32 years old. But let me tell you about my day:

I woke up a bit later than I planned, so I had to take a teleconference in the car on the way in. Most of this was listening, but I made sure that I was engaged by interjecting things that were helpful, but not overbearing, as in, “I’m happy to help on that aspect of the project if you need it.” (Most days I feel like I’m trying my darnedest to get out of stuff.

After a few more meetings I worked out with my trainer from 11 to 12, then grabbed a salad in the cafeteria. I really wanted a pizza.

A few more meetings in the afternoon, mostly talking to staff about opportunities for growth, etc. I love that.

After work, it was pouring, so I skipped swim practice (I know — I’d be wet anyway) — but I’d also be really cold. I had an umbrella with me. I am NOT one of those people who is normally prepared for stuff like that. Honestly, it’s at that point that I felt like an adult.

I went home, grabbed the mail, and walked into my clean home (the cleaning people came yesterday). So my house was organized, neat, and clean. And smelled awesome, plus I had carpet marks from vacuuming. And, they used my natural cleaners, which I love.

Our cable was out (probably b/c the wind/rain screwed up the satellite), so I read my new Real Simple magazine and found a recipe for salmon, asparagus and bulgar with lemon. I actually HAD all of those things in the house — so I made the recipe for dinner — yum. Also boiled 8 eggs for the next 2 days’ breakfasts. Watched a chick-flick on Netflix streaming, washed all my dishes, then headed up to bed at 9:30, read a book until 10, and off to bed with me (in clean sheets).

The perfect night. The perfect day. I wish I were that organized and relaxed all days!


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