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As much as I complain…

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… I really should give credit where credit is due. I am making life changes. My lifestyle is different than it was just a month ago, and I’m the reason for that. I have made good food choices. I have also made some bad ones — but they’ve been mostly good. I have exercised with abandon. I have also slacked at my workouts sometimes — but they’ve been mostly warrior-call workouts, with sweat pouring down my face. Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I may not be pretty in pictures. I may not have looked super cute finishing my 10K. But I’m out there, living life, eating well, being active. I’m turning down opportunities to eat & drink, and working out instead. Or, like last night, worked out, THEN went to the happy hour where everyone was, and sat with a few glasses of ice water, until I was able to go home & make my own dinner. Not even one chip crossed these lips.

The other day I was in a pissy mood. Work stank, and I was angry. I thought: What would make this better? My response: A workout. Not a cookie, not chips, not a chocolate-covered toffee from the gift shop (which would, normally, in the past, make ANYTHING better). A workout. So I grabbed my bag, went to the gym and ran. I did a mile warm up (at 6 mph), then brought out my inner GIJANE :hi: and sprinted. Like it was no body’s business. 15 seconds. Walk for 30. Sprint 30 seconds. Walk for 30. Sprint for 45 seconds. Walk for 30. Then I sprinted 45 again. Walk for 30. For 15 minutes. And it felt good.

My belly may not have caught up yet, but my brain certainly has.


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