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To-do list updated below.
Didn’t ever get lunch — just got back from errands now, and the BBQ starts in 17 minutes. Great…
I just finished making a super yum breakfast taco. 2 egg whites, 1 egg mixed with 1 manzana pepper (hot, hot, hot!) and some crimini mushrooms that were about to go. Poured into a multi-grain tortilla with shredded cheese and guacamole. The cheese & guac were a bit over-the-top. Super yum, but pushed me to 450 calories for brekkies alone. Yikes.

I’ll have a roasted veg wrap for lunch (leftover veg from last night) with some chicken breast strips and maybe (if my calories can spare it) some goat cheese.

Dinner is a BBQ at some friends house. I’m bringing 2 lb of organic grass fed beef to make burgers — and I’ll try to do a burger bowl with salad…

Today WAS going to be swim practice (1.5 hours), but the dogs were up a lot last night barking, which meant we were too. Some neighbor woman was drunk and planning on driving away, and her hubby/BF was yelling that if she left it was over, and he’d call the cops because she shouldn’t be driving. Drama in the club. We live in the burbs — I really want to know which of our neighbors that was! Anyway, the dogs could not get over it and just kept barking. Which meant that I didn’t get enough sleep to go swimming. So, I need to figure out what active thing I’m doing today.

Today’s plan:
* Quick shower :thumbu2:
* Before noon: Road runner sports: 3 Sports bras — my first prize for the Green check challenge! :thumbu2:
* 12 PM: Massage :thumbu2:
* Mani / Pedi :thumbu2:
* Shopping: Sur la Table (reusable vegetable bags for our CSA delivery) :thumbu2: , Macy’s (new saucepan) :nono5:, Target (return mirror, Dodgers shirts for next week) :thumbu2: , Home Depot (buy mirror – it’s bigger than the one from Target) :nono5: , Cost Plus World Market (2 adirondack chairs) :thumbu2: – but I didn’t buy them, too spendy & need to check on color with the hubby , local furniture store (looking for a king-sized bed) :thumbu2: – but didn’t find anything.
* Drop off dry cleaning! :thumbu2:
* Late lunch :nono5:
* Clean out all bathrooms of products I don’t use. Package up for donation :nono5:
* Elliptical for 1 hour :nono5:
* Shower :nono5:
* BBQ! :thumbu2:

Sunday’s Plan:
* Cycling at 9:30 AM in Malibu
* Brunch with cycling buddy
* Clean garage
* Laundry
* Take recycling to friends’ condo (dumpsters for recycling)
* Take donations down to LA
* Dinner with the hubby (?)
* Advisors meeting at UCLA at 7:30

What will NOT get done, but I really wanted to:
* Organize office
* Put together & stain wine racks
* Hang photo frame from Red Envelope (stupid drywall won’t hold the screws, even with super-duper strength anchors)
* Check out Lowe’s for seagrass wallpaper for the master bedroom

I’d best get going if I want to get any of that stuff done!


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