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Last night I went to some friends’ house for a BBQ. Made decent choices (salad topped with a grass-fed beef patty) until it came to dessert. Someone brought a homemade blueberry pie, and someone else brought pumpkin & chocolate chip loaf. Yum. Stayed JUST within calorie target, but had 1000+ calories at dinner alone. Yikes. At least I didn’t have any drinky-poos. Thank goodness I didn’t have time for lunch yesterday! Geez. Held on to the same weight, which is good…

I had a dream that I weighed 155 pounds. Of course, I didn’t look much different (I ALWAYS look in my dreams). But for this dream, I saw 155 on a scale. Whew – what a rush. My hubby wasn’t quite as excited about the idea this morning. Probably because he’s never met a 155 pound me, and doesn’t realize how H.O.T. she is. Maybe he’s afraid that he couldn’t handle me. Or, more likely, he was late for class, and trying to decide what to wear. Hmmm. And, it was a dream that he wasn’t a part of…

Today’s plan: 
* Clean out all bathrooms of products I don’t use. Package up for donation :thumbu2:
* Clean garage :help: This was a much bigger project than planned.
* Laundry :nono5: Working on it, but it won’t be done today…
* Shopping: Road Runner Sports (exchange sports bras for smaller size — woot!) :nono5: , Macy’s (new saucepan) :nono5: , Home Depot (buy mirror – it’s bigger than the one from Target) :thumbu2: Except now this one is just a bit too big. I need the just right size… :(
* Take recycling to friends’ condo (dumpsters for recycling) :thumbu2:
* Take donations down to LA :thumbu2:
* Dinner with a friend in LA at 5:30 :thumbu2:
* Advisors meeting at UCLA at 7:30 :thumbu2: Well, I got there, and they had the meeting this morning. They had called, but called my office & didn’t have my cell number. Which sucked, because I wouldn’t have driven 80 miles there & back if I didn’t HAVE to.


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