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Kale Chips…

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… are gross. Yuck. Anyone who says that kale chips are “just like real chips” is wrong. Terribly wrong. I feel like i need to wipe my tongue off. Well, I tried. I’ll try anything…

My pups are looking at me with crazy eyes. I guess that’s because it’s 8:30 and I haven’t fed them yet. Sorry, guys. Soon enough.

Had a not-so-good day at work — just one of those blah days, where everything seems to go wrong. So I went running. I haven’t done that in a really long time, but I really need to do it more often. Running always makes me forget my worries — usually because I’m focused on not tripping, and making it another few feet. Went about 3 miles — a nice, good jog. But then I was starving.

So I stopped at Sprouts on the way home. I picked up some food for dinner, but focused more (apparently) on the dessert aspect of things. (That’s what happens when you workout immediately before going to the grocery store!) 4 pints of ice cream-type stuff: 2 ciao bello blood orange sorbets and 2 pints of some stuff that’s only 150 calories for the whole pint. Not convinced it’ll be good, but coffee flavor and chocolate peanut butter flavor can’t be THAT bad. Plus a bag of ginger snaps and a bag of lemon snaps. Luckily I’m OK with portion control!

My cousin (15 year old girl) is coming to visit on Friday. I really want everything to go well. She’s had a rough couple of months, and I really want this to be a great trip for her. I know that this is incredibly conceited (but hey, I love myself!), she really needs a positive role model, and I’m hoping that my hubby and I can be that for her. Show her that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve what you want out of life.

Anyway, I need to start picking up. Our cleaning people are coming on Friday (thank goodness), but I don’t want them to have to pick up. So, yes. I pre-clean before the cleaning people. But not really. I just make sure to put everything away, so that they don’t try, and then screw it up! Ha!

I’m back! Here’s what’s new:
* Fed the pups
* Took out the garbage & recycling
* Kitchen is picked up, dishes done (or put into the dishwasher), and counters wiped down
* Guest closet has been organized (so the cuz can hang up some clothes)
* Laundry literally JUST beeped, so I’ll change that over, fold what’s in the drier, and carry all that stuff upstairs (plus the 4 other loads that are sitting on the couch and the ottoman)
* Bagged up the kale chips, so hubby can take them to work, if he’s interested….
* Boiled 6 eggs for brekkies for the next 2 days
* Cut up a watermelon and a honeydew
All while “watching” my DVR’d Biggest Loser. WHY is this show so LONG?!? It’s totally unnecessary.


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