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Sorry, all… I’ve been a bit MIA for the past few days, but I’m back!

My 15-year old cousin was visiting this weekend (arrived late, late, late on Friday evening — really, Saturday morning). We traveled all over southern California, in my effort to give her the best possible spring break. Honestly, my family isn’t all that close, and I’ve never spent more than 4 hours with her in any given WEEK. I’m 17 years older than her; she was born the year I graduated high school! Yikes! Anyway, I realized that I really don’t know how to relate to a high schooler, LOL! I could never tell if she was having a good time or not — the advent of the Blackberry likely didn’t help things very much. I *think* that she had fun; you never know. Her mom was really grateful though. There’s been some odd family stuff going on at home, so I think it was good that she was able to come out. But I couldn’t tell from our chats whether she was affected by the stuff at home or if she was just denying it. Anyway… teenagers!

Our itinerary:

  • Saturday: Sleep in, Go to my company so I could show her around (it’s really cool, I promise!), Go to DASH (the Kardashian’s boutique; I assumed that we could find something that she could use as a souvenir, but a DASH t-shirt was $60!), Go to Malibu to see if we could find some famous people (nope!), roller derby at 5 PM (it was so much fun to watch!), then Indian food for dinner (she only ate a few bites of naan — even after saying that she’d eat anything)
  • Sunday: Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We got her belly button pierced (her mom asked if I would take her to have it done; I don’t agree with it, but she’s not my kiddo). Drove through Beverly Hills, then went to Hollywood and walked around a bit. Split a cupcake from CRUMBS. Food for the day: 3 coffees with skim milk, 1 slice of cheese pizza, 1/2 cupcake, 1 c arugula with olive oil when I got home = a lack of nutrients overall
  • Monday: It rained in the morning. I went to work for a meeting then to the gym. When I came home, we went for a hike with the hubby and the pups. Made a good lunch of grilled chicken breast and roasted veggies (Note: roasted broccoli doesn’t take as long as roasted potatoes. D’oh!) That evening we went to the Dodger game (Dodgers won!)
  • Tuesday: Drove down to Newport Beach. Rented stand-up paddle boards and went for about an hour around the harbor. I thought it was supposed to be an amazing workout — I’m not feeling anything! Walked around, grabbed lunch (some “fresh Mexican” food – grilled shrimp tacos and black beans for me). We then went on a whale watching boat — “only” saw dolphins though. I’ve been whale watching 3 times, and have NEVER seen a whale. Bummer!
  • Wednesday: Up early for meetings (for me), then off to the airport. I was able to take her to the gate (just call the airline ahead of time!) Going through security, I opted us out of the full body scanner (have heard from too many doctors that they won’t use them because of their untested nature, so I won’t either), so we had to get the pat-down. They thought I was her mom (not cool, but I didn’t correct them — too much to explain…) She’d packed all her hair stuff in her carry-on (I totally should have asked before, just to be sure, but even when the TSA guys asked she didn’t know where she’d put them — ah! teenagers!). So, we had to toss that stuff (or spend $25 checking a 2nd bag). She took off (never did call to tell me that she’d landed though — I’ve already confirmed) and I headed home to work from home this afternoon. 

Went to book club tonight (though only 2 of us showed up, and we didn’t talk about the book at all! But, the book was AWESOME). I drank only Pellegrino, but def. overdid it on the appetizers.

It’s SO late (10:50), and I need to be up before 6 AM. G’night!


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