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Oh, my aching belly…

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And it’s all my fault. Since I’m the Easter Bunny in my house, and I had crazy chocolate cravings on Friday and Saturday, that means that the Easter Bunny brought me all my favorites. And now, after eating a choco-covered PB egg and some mini-mini-mini-PB cups, my tum is not happy with me!

A fairly quick blog-o this evening. I need to start getting to bed earlier — AND I have a 7 AM meeting tomorrow. When people book 7 AM meetings, I usually like to just go to work, sans shower, make-up or hair done, then go to the gym ASAP. Unfortunately, tomorrow I have meetings from 7 to 11:30, then from Noon to 4 PM — so gym time is after work… Which means I have to get up super early to shower, get my make-up and hair did…

Made an appointment with a new trainer today — got 2 “Conejo Deals” (the local version of Groupon) for 4 training sessions for $38 (so really, 8 for $76). So, I’ll be using those over the next 4 weeks. That session is on Thursday at 6:30 (which means I’ll have to figure out how to kill some time between work & training — YAY for Thursday farmer’s market!)

I was so friggin productive today! Did 7 training programs, checked 8 things off my work to-do list (yes, I did pad it a bit with some super easy stuff, but there was also a few things that each took a couple of hours). After work (gym time was from 11 to 12:30 today), I missed swimming because a coworker was in my office chatting about a recent press release announcing something that none of us had been made aware of ahead of time (HATE that!). Anyway, stopped at the Beauty Collection to use a Living Social coupon ($40 of beauty supplies). I got 2 nail polishes (a soft pink and a dark burgundy — just playing around with my longer fingernails, now that I’ve stopped biting them) and a top coat, as well as a bottle of Moroccan Oil. Score! Then headed to Sports Chalet to use a $10 coupon that I got for spending $$$ there… Picked up a new pair of goggles and an extra goggle strap (I have 2 pair that are broken, but I didn’t want to buy 2 new straps, in case I don’t like these…) Then headed into Home Goods — I love that store! Bought 2 organizing bins for the front hall closet (the top shelf is CRAZY), an olive oil mister (trying to get away from the chemicals in the PAM olive oil spray), 4 packs of super cute paper plates in a blue & green design (summer parties, here we come!) and the piece de resistance: SODA. OK, not actually CK-approved, but these are for the hubby. 4 bottles of each root beer and spicy ginger soda from a brewery that we visited in Chicago. When we visited they were out of sodas, and he was super bummed… YAY me. I’m the best wife, ever! Ha!

OK, once this couple chooses the house on House Hunters (love this show!) I’m off to bed. Sleep tight, CK’ers!


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