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Oh, what a day!

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This morning was horrible. A no good, very bad morning. Work related. As a result, had to have a very tough conversation this afternoon — I felt much better after discussing my concerns and reiterating the issues, but I’m not sure that the person really understood. He did say it was his fault, but then said that there were other things he wanted to say about it, but wasn’t going to. So, I’m pretty sure he was upset with how I handled it (which, was, I admit, not the best — I don’t hide my frustrations very well, especially with something this important). He never did apologize for dropping the ball in a very big way.

Public Service Announcement:
If you want to get ahead in business (or life in general), take ownership when you screw up, apologize to anyone that you’ve let down, and ask what you can do to make it better. 

I need to work on staying professional when things don’t go the way that I think that they should, and stay calm when I find out that someone has screwed up, especially when other functional area personnel are sitting in on the meeting. I need to have the backs of the people who report to me, and should work to make sure that I take frustrations out 1:1, not in a meeting setting. That said, DON’T PISS ME OFF! And, DO YOUR JOB! If you’re responsible for something, don’t assume that everyone else has your back. QC the work, and know what you’re talking about. 


On a good note: I bought 8 training sessions through Conejo Deals, a local version of Groupon or Living Social. The sessions were $9 each. So I wasn’t expecting much. OMG – it was great! The trainer was really great, the gym is used only for personal training — so it was literally me, my trainer (Joe), the owner, and the guy she was training. LOVED it. I’ve been doing group training at my gym, but I really loved the personal attention. YAY! Hopefully this will kick start some losses.

Dinner was interesting… Baby bok choy and crimini mushrooms in the wok with 2 T of Soy Vay marinade (too much — had lots of juice left over) plus three artichoke raviolis with 1 T of parmesan cheese. Then an individual angel food cake with 1 c sliced strawberries and some light whipped cream.

Laundry, laundry, laundry tonight, and cleaning up the house before we leave tomorrow. Going camping at Lake San Antonio with friends who are doing the Wildflower Triathlon. I was supposed to do it, but wasn’t trained enough, so I dropped out. It’s a really tough one, and I just wasn’t going to be prepared. But, we’re headed up there at 8 AM tomorrow morning (yay — no more work this week!) to camp and to watch our friends do the race (they’re all camping with us — I’m def. not a ‘camper’.) Our good friend Emily is staying at our place this weekend — she’s down from San Fran for a baby shower, and agreed to stay here and watch the pups. SO glad, after the whole pet sitter debacle while we were in Africa. I’m definitely a bit gun-shy about having another pet sitter. Em is one of my bestest friends, so I know all the animals (pups & kitties) will be in good hands!

OK – Off to clean, clean, clean! Laundry, laundry, laundry. Pack, Pack, Pack. Then SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!

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