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I’m a winner! I’m a winner!

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I do a group training session with my personal trainer and a few other ladies at the gym. You pay for the sessions, and whoever “wins” gets a prize. And I WON! Woot! In the email to everyone, here’s the little thingy about it:

The winners of our 2 groups go to the 2 who had the most percentage of body fat lost and most achievements in their fitness assessments…. For our 11 a.m. group, we had another tight race but our winner this lost 3.5% body fat, shaved of 1 min from her 1.5 mile, increased her leg press by 8, did 4 more push-ups and increase her plank by 45 seconds! And she is LARA. Lara also lost ½ inch from her hips and waist…and little by little she’s pushing herself harder every workout! 

My numbers:
Body fat: 36.6 % (was 40.9%)
Lean body mass: 133 (was 126.3)
Total body fat: 77.2 lbs (was 86.9)
Waist: 40.5 inches (was 41)
Hips: 44.5 inches (was 44 ¾ )

So, ahem… That’s 4.3% body fat gone, not 3.5%. Gained 7 pounds of muscle, lost 9 pounds of fat! Note to self: Remember this when that scale doesn’t move!

My prize? A BodyBug! WOOT!!!!


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