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I’m BAAAAAAAACK! Not that I really ever left — been perusing the Blogs (not commenting very much though) and the Forums (though not much that I’m interested in right now — weird). Work is INSANE. Absolutely insane. I used to be able to sit on CK and FB all day long, and now, when I go in here, I feel this immediate pang of guilt that I know that I need to be doing something else. So I slink away, having logged (or not, as the case may be) what I’ve eaten, but not much else.

I’m working out steadily — first day back in group training yesterday. This week I have 4 (yes, 4) workouts with trainers. Yikes. Am I gonna be able to walk after all of that?!?

Went skydiving this weekend — it was AMAZING! Pics are posted on FB. Absolutely awesome. Loved it all, except when the instructor told me that he was going to make it “more comfortable for” me. And proceeded to loosen our connections. Scared!

Chipotle for lunch today, with not a great outcome (960 calories!). I know better.

Oh well – working out like a crazy person tonight with the trainer, then likely a salad with leftover chicken breast for dinner, and prep of some other food (more HB eggs and sliced veggies). Cherries are just coming into season — picked some up at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. Holy yum!


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