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Oh, What a Weekend!

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WARNING:  LONG post!  I haven’t blogged all weekend, and we did LOTS!  Unfortunately, no pics of any of these yummy things!  Sorry!

I pondered naming this blog post “Oh, My Aching Chamois”, but thought better of it.  But, that was too good not to share!  Cycled twice this weekend, 12-ish miles on Saturday, then 29+ miles on Monday.  Monday’s ride didn’t feel so great, until my undercarriage just went numb.  Then I was a-OK.  (Wait. What?  That’s TMI for you?  Ooops, so sorry.)  Both rides were along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu — so beautiful!  Could have done without the head wind on the ride out, but loved it pushing me along the ocean side on the way back!

After cycling on Saturday, we headed to brunch at Coogie’s Beach Cafe in Malibu.  I had their vegetarian version of Eggs Benedict — instead of the muffin & ham, I had portobello mushrooms and sauteed spinach.  Ordered the Hollandaise sauce on the side, but it didn’t need it.  The poached eggs were a bit over done for my taste — which was OK, since I could scoop out some of the yolk & leave them, and they never did bring the toast I ordered once I realized that the stacks didn’t come on the top of English muffins.  2 of those stacks were served with house potatoes (never done perfectly, but I always end up eating all of them, after I slather them with hot sauce), and four (yes, four!) cups of coffee.  

Indian dinner on Saturday night with the hubby and a friend (his wife was down in LA with another friend).  Ate WAY too much — but the flavors were good.  Most of the Indian food I’ve had lately have been lacking in flavor, so I was happy to see that the new place we tried, Saffron, did a better job at that.  We found ourselves comparing it to Bollywood #3, and Bollywood is still the winner.  But with a $40 Groupon, Saffron was hard to beat!

Sunday morning we were up & out the door to go wine tasting.  We stopped at Foley Wines first, where the pups were lavished with all sorts of love from people who were surprised to see that we could bring our dogs there!   Then picked up some sandwiches from Panino — my favorite is #23 (goat cheese, roasted bell peppers, and sundried tomatoes with arugula on focaccia bread) — and met up with Allie & Mike.  Allie is my personal trainer, and it was her birthday weekend!  They’d just been to Sarloos & Sons to do a wine & cupcake tasting, and we decided to meet up so that Matt & I could take them tasting at a few of our favorite (read:  free because we’re wine club members).  

We stopped first at Lincourt, then headed over to Roblar.  We then dropped Allie & Mike off, as they were done with the wine, and Matt and I (and the pups) headed in for some more tastes in Solvang.  We had heard of some pet-friendly places, so stopped in at Carivintas Winery’s tasting room.  Super cute, and they had 2 different types of tastings to do.  We bought a bottle of one of their sweet wines (2010 Sauvingnon Blanc Sweet), and they didn’t even charge us for the tastings!  

Stopped in at the Wandering Dog Wine Bar, where I was able to have a glass of wine from a vineyard that we visited in South Africa (Fairview Wines)!  Matt got a beer, and all was right with the world (he’s more a beer drinker than a wine-o, but enjoys both wholeheartedly!)  Eventually though, we realized that one of us needed to drive home (as there were no pet-friendly vacancies in the area).  So, I got the last 1/2 of Matt’s beer, and he switched to water.  

Headed to dinner at Cecco Osteria Enoteca, where we had the most amazing fried artichoke appetizer.  Our other appetizer and the pizza we shared were also fantastic, but the artichokes were out of this world!  And, to imagine, they were a last minute add-in (me, literally yelling the order, to the waitress as she was walking away from us!) 

On Monday morning, even through my wine mouth and a bit of a hangover, I headed out cycling with my friend Lindsay.  Picked her up at 8:40 (a bit later than planned), and we headed off to Malibu again.  Rode a good 30 miles, then back home to clean up the house and start prepping for our BBQ!  A small group of friends came over, and Matt and I had prepped some flank steak marinaded in Trader Joe’s Soy Teriyaki sauce, some chicken breasts in this fantastic apricot marinade Matt made, and some zucchini, yellow squash, and green bell peppers in olive oil, black pepper & sea salt.  Also had a bunch of berries out, watermelon, broccoli with taziki sauce, as well as a few types of chips & dip.  Lindsay & Mike brought a great salad (arugula, feta, heirloom cherry tomatoes, dressed in olive oil), and Holly brought a buttermilk bundt cake.  A pitcher of margaritas and a few empty beer bottles later, we had had a fabulous cookout!

Mike & Lindsay stayed, so that we could watch “The Power of One”.  If you haven’t read the book by Bryce Courtney, do it NOW.  NOW, I say!  Best.Book.Ever.  The movie took a lot of “liberties”, and not for the better.  I was SO looking forward to re-living the whole of the book.  Oh well — that’s how it always happens, right?!?

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