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A New Day – A New Tactic

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So, here’s the deal…  I’m not losing weight.  And it’s all my fault.  There.  I said it.

I’m having too many sweets.  Too much pizza.  Too many drinks.  Too. Much. Of. Everything.

And it’s going to change.  Now.

I need to be accountable to someone.  I hoped that being accountable to myself would be enough – but apparently I’m not enough.  (Note: Something to talk to the therapist about.)  So, I’m accountable to YOU.  And YOU should hold me accountable.  Question what I’m eating.  Question why I’ve eaten any cheats.  Help me.  Help me to identify what I can skip, how I can substitute, and what I can do to make this a life-long journey that’s worth it.

Starting now.  OK, I’ll start…


  • 1 cup coffee (no sweetener or milk) –> Switch to tea.  Coffee’s too bitter.
  • 2 eggs, over easy –> Switch to egg white scramble with bunches of veggies.  
  • 2 slices sourdough toast with butter –> Skip it.  Unnecessary with a huge egg white scramble.  
This is me.  Starting over.

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I'm really just a thin girl with a lot of extra padding...

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