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Insanity. That’s what my to-do list looks like. I’ve got things on there that have been there for weeks (a project at work that I can’t just wrap my head around), and things that should have been there, but weren’t (new watch battery), and reminders (call my BFF’s mom, who’s husband recently passed away).

I’m still feeling unsettled at work, despite having been in my new role for about 4 months. I STILL don’t feel like I know what’s going on! A few of my staff are moving around to different roles, and I just got the transition document this morning, with the list of outstanding details… I realized that I would have NO IDEA how to do any of those things. I hate it that my staff are expected to do things that I couldn’t do… (mostly because I hate it when my manager doesn’t “get” all the nitty-gritty of what I do). I need to remember that we have different levels for different levels of detail — and I need to get used to being a “big picture” person and not a “detail-oriented” person.

Listening to some “Rodrigo y Gabriela“. If you’ve never heard of them — go find their CD! Amazing latin guitar. I saw them live last year (actually almost exactly a year ago), and am still blown away by them. Dancing in my office chair as I type. Luckily, the door is shut, and the iPod is UP!

Heading to north San Diego county this weekend for the Stone Brewery 15th Annual Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival. Of course, I’m not drinking, so not sure why we’re going. But we go every year. The problem is that this year it’s just the hubby & I. And I hate it when he drinks but I don’t. It’s like I grow horns or something…

Haven’t been working out as much as I was recently. I’m still doing something every day (with 1 rest day), but I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates. I LOVE it — except for Pilates Plus, which is a higher-intensity Pilates. It’s SO hard *** I promise that I’ll stop whining soon ***. 

Well, yesterday evening I did Pilates Plus, and we were standing on the reformer, right foot planted, and left foot in lunge on the moving reformer. Lunge down, up, repeat. My planted foot was cramping a bit. Next thing I knew, I could feel my foot touching the spring, and I was laying on the floor next to the reformer. It’s like I fell in slow motion! The poor instructor was so concerned, but kept saying, “I’m not going to leave your side”. Ugh — please do! She kept making sure that I was OK, and I indicated that the only thing bruised was my ego. SO embarrassing! Just call me “Grace”. Ugh. Typical.


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