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I have been eating more than I should. And I have been moving less than I should. And that has resulted in my weight going up, up, up.

I’m about 7 pounds away from my lowest recent weight. I tried to ignore it, say that it was TOM, that it was the sodium from eating out, that it was just that I didn’t sleep well the night before. But, the reality is that it’s a real weight gain.

And. It. Must. Stop. Now.

Plans to reverse this “creep”:
Meal planning: 

  1. Do it.
  2. Log what I do eat.
  3. Less eating out.
  4. No seconds. 
  5. Limit “dessert” to something wholesome
  6. No alcohol!


  1. Daily burn target is at least 500 exercise calories.
  2. With the triathlon only a month away, MORE swimming, biking & running are needed!
  3. Pilates cannot be my only exercise in a day. On Pilates days, if I want to stick with Pilates, I MUST do some cardio as well (or weights). 

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I'm really just a thin girl with a lot of extra padding...

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