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Getting into the groove

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I am, officially back on the wagon, my friends…  And it feels so good!    

When I fall off the proverbial wagon, getting organized jump-starts me into becoming the person I want to be:  someone who eats right, exercises, and is efficient!

Hard boiled eggs, fruit, coffee & skim milk for breakfast.  My house is clean, my car is getting a detail (wash & wax, baby!), my dogs were groomed, I’ve started sorting through my mess in the office at home, and I’m posting things that I don’t want/need on the classifieds at work & on Craigslist.  Other plans:

  • Update workout plan
  • Make meal plan list
  • Organize work office 
  • Sort emails
  • Online banking
  • Check out my spend in Mint

Skipped Pilates Plus yesterday — my back was killing me; I think it was Pilates Plus from Monday that did it…  Wasn’t a fan of that instructor, and I was tired, so I wasn’t holding in my gut as I should have been.  But, skipping it meant that I only used 4 of 5 sessions from my Groupon (which expired yesterday).  I NEVER do that.  I still went to my training session with Joe, though.  Let him know about my back & my left knee acting up, so we did a bunch of stretching, about 40 minutes of a workout, and more stretching.  My back felt good during the workout, but was paining this morning when I woke up…  * Must ice back! *

Plans for today include cardio at the gym for about an hour, before heading over to Pilates (regular, not plus).  I love the regular Pilates — and would love to do it every day!  WHY is it so expensive?!?  Curses…

The in-laws arrived last night.  Their plane landed early, but we didn’t hear from them for about an hour after it landed — apparently for about 40 minutes there weren’t any gates!  (Crazy, since it is LAX, and all!)  They drove the hour to our place & arrived about 11:30 PM.  By midnight, I could not keep my eyes open!  Would have liked to stay up & chat, but I knew that this morning would come quickly.  BOY was I right!  Despite back pain, and tight neck muscles, I slept like a ROCK!  Said goodbye to them this morning — they’re heading up to Paso Robles to go wine tasting for the rest of the week.  They’ll get back into town to spend the weekend with us.  Not sure what the plans are for this weekend though — maybe Santa Monica and Shakespeare in the Park at Griffith Park…  

I’ve got a few things to do today at work that really need to get checked off my to-do list!  And… I’m off!

When you’re “off plan”, what do you do to kick-start your healthy living?


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