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Err, I take that back…

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Tread lightly on the previous recipe, my friends.  I’ve led you astray.

It might have been the pepitas (it WAS the pepitas…), or it might have been that I cooked it for 45 minutes (not 30 – 40 minutes) (it WAS definitely overcooked), or it could have been that I used 1/2 quick oats, when I should have used all rolled oats, or it could have been that there was just not enough wetness to make it perfect (next time = more applesauce AND more agave), but this was just NOT good, my friends.

Overly dry, overly pepita-y (yes, that’s a word!), and overly yuck.

Sorry.  I take back my “easy peasy”.  I screwed up the easy peasy.

On the upside:  My house smells amazing.  If you’re selling your home, DEFINITELY make some granola the morning of an open house!


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  1. My mom swore by apple cider on the stove for open houses. (In a Northern state… in December… it was cold). But granola sounds pretty perfect too!

  2. My mom was a realtor, a had this great potpourri simmer pot that she'd take to all the houses. When I was househunting myself, I noticed that all the "good" houses had just made cookies that morning!

  3. Ack, just realized that the last comment that I made (RE: cookies!) came from the wrong Google account… Anyway, thanks for the comment! 🙂


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