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Kittens in Underpants!

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I’m kind of a skeptic.  I’m kind of unapproachable.  (Actually, that 2nd one is new to me — didn’t realize it until I received the feedback in my mid-year review today…)  Either way, people don’t usually seek me out to tell me things.

Picture it:  I’m on my way into Starbucks this afternoon…  I had just left the “tire place”, where the gentlemen were kind enough to fill up the tires on my car (which I JUST got back from the dealer on Monday, but the light went on on Tuesday).  I’m absentmindedly picking through my purse:  “I KNOW I have a Starbucks gift card in here somewhere”, when a woman stops me and asks if she can share something with me.

Did you go to the place that I went with that question?  ‘Cause I was pretty sure that she was going to share the Good News with me, and hand me a Bible.  Which I don’t really need, since I’m already a Christian and all.  But still – I don’t like it when people assume I’m not a Christian, and they need to share something with me.  That, and I believe religion to be a very private thing – but we can chat about that later

I kind of sheepishly walk over to her, because I was too close to pretend that I hadn’t heard her, and I’m pretty confident in my ability to eventually get out of weird situations (what if she was going to share news of the Devil or her ingrown toenail or something?!?).  

And she pulls out a card, and says, “Look what my brother sent me for my birthday.”  And it was Good.


OK, so it wasn’t this EXACT picture (with the “Breaking News” and all), but it was 3 kittens in men’s underpants.  I would have wanted to share it too!  

So, the new, approachable me wants to know:  What do you want to share with me today?


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