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Mojitos, Sushi & Ice Cream, Oh My!

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It’s the end of the month, and time to check in…

Weight:  211.4   <— ACK!  Something’s got to give, friends.

Not like it’s surprising…  Let’s re-live yesterday’s eating shenanigans, shall we?

My version of What I Ate Wednesday – except I don’t have any of my own pictures of it what I actually ate.  I’m thinking that I *might* start taking some, just ’cause I think I might need to try a different tactic with this whole eating thing.  If I take time to plate it, and photograph it, maybe it won’t just randomly end up in my belly!  Could I *gasp* appreciate it as it’s coming in?  (How novel…)


  • Sesame bagel.  Yes, The.Whole.Thing
  • Topped with whipped cream cheese.  No, it wasn’t spreadable goat cheese — because that was as green as our swimming pool last year.
  • Finished with the end of the raspberry preserves.
  • Iced coffee with skim milk – brewed using my amazing Toddy Cold Brew system.  LOVE!
  • Salad of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots & celery, topped with 1/4 a chicken breast (the other 1/4 was still RAW!  Thanks, hun!   [Insert sarcasm here]) and mango salsa and some raspberries

This left me super hungry later.  No protein = HUNGERS!!!

Afternoon Snack (number 1 – yes, there were 2)
Afternoon Snack #2 – Team Happy Hour
YAY for happy hour, but boo for bar food.  And boo for the bar making these amazing mojitos!  I had 2 (1 mango & 1 cucumber).  Both were tasty; neither were on my food plan.  
  • Cucumber mojito
  • Mango mojito
  • Chips & salsa
  • 1/6 of a 9″ quesedilla (<– REALLY?!?  it was NOT that good!)


Curses to Happy Hour!  Someone mentioned going to get sushi, and I just knew that I HAD to have it.  MUST.  So I went home, and cajoled the hubby into changing out of his grubby clothes (well, basketball shorts & t-shirt) and taking me out for sushi.  *** What happened to my meal plan, folks?  That’s why I make one, so I’m not eating out randomly in the week!  And now, I have nothing to bring in for lunch today.  Wahhh.  ***
  • Edamame
  • 1/2 Oishi roll (tempura shrimp & cream cheese in the roll, topped with crap, tuna & avocado)
  • 1/2 California roll
  • 3 pieces of tuna sashimi
  • 1/4 spicy tuna roll
  • 1/2 c Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap ice cream.  
This is seriously cream.ever.  And I know a thing or 2 about ice cream / fro yo / frozen custard.  And, the only reason I had only 1/2 cup was because we’d successfully finished the whole quart in 3 days (the in-laws were here, so I’m not a total piggy). 
The moral of the story:
I eat too much, and it’s like a lesson in what NOT to eat to lose (or even maintain) weight.  I don’t have the heart to punch it into Calorie King today — it won’t be pretty, and I’ll feel like a royal screw-up.  
Add to that the fact that I’m not as active as I used to be.  I didn’t exercise AT ALL on Tuesday, and Pilates on Monday wasn’t enough.   

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