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New Month, New Beginning

I feel like a butterfly who keeps reverting back into a caterpillar.  Larvae.  Weird, right?  (Especially since “Larva” was a nickname my best friends gave me.  Now THAT’s weird.)  

Every new year, new month (sometimes week), or with the passing of a birthday, I start anew.  


And then, I revert.  

I start drinking mojitos & eating chips & salsa at a going away party for people I don’t even know!  

Who is that girl?  That’s not me!  

I certainly wouldn’t miss a therapy appointment for a couple of mojitos, would I?  (Yes, yes, I did.  Not that I did it on purpose, mind you.  I’m just not all that organized sometimes…)  Or well, that’s not the girl that I want to be.  

I want to be on top of things.  Not missing appointments.  Not ordering yummy sugary drinky-poos, when really I should be at the gym, drinking water, and feeling better about myself.

Because that’s just it:  I don’t feel good about myself when I don’t treat myself right.  
*** Lightbulb goes off ***

So here we are, the beginning of a new month.  And another new beginning.  Let’s DO this.


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I'm really just a thin girl with a lot of extra padding...

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